Artist Laura Elbogen brings the old world charm of hand calligraphy to modern day correspondence.

Copperplate is a very popular letterform for the most formal of occasions, with elaborate and elegant flourishes. It is sometimes known as "English Roundhand," and was perfected in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is written with a pointed pen.

In the age of social media and online communication, the hand written word really rises to the top when it comes to marking an occasion as “something special.” Whether the words meet the eye digitally or in print, the art of calligraphy letterform, with it’s elegant sinuous forms and variations, relays a personal touch. LAURA ANN offers the old world charm of six historic calligraphy styles with contemporary flair, and “gourmet” mixes of old and new too. Choose the style that matches your personal taste, from formal to fun, or both!

Italic is a formal calligraphy style dating from the 15th century Italian Renaissance, with roots in the older “Carolingian” style of the 10th century. The most formal version features gently sloping individual letters. It's well suited for adding fancy flourishes!

The Carolingian style came about in France in the ninth century as the first lowercase “miniscule” hand. It spread quickly across Europe under the reign of Charlemagne. The wide, undulating style became very popular in manuscripts.

Blackletter is a powerful, traditional calligraphy hand with historic use in religious works and formal documents, thus well suited for invitations. The style developed in the Middle Ages, peaking in the 14th century.

This Gothic script, commonly referred to as “Old English,” has its origins in the Blackletter style, with more ornate flourishes. It is a dramatic, weighty text reserved for special occasions.

The Uncial style is an upper case “majuscule” hand composed of rounded capital letters. Uncial saw its prime as the hand of choice for 4th – 6th century books. The letterforms remain popular for ornamental initial letters.

Calligraphy is an integral component of the art and design of LAURA ANN invitations and stationery, but can also be ordered on its own for envelopes, escort cards, place cards, signage, and special notes. Contact LAURA ANN for rates.