Four Score...and Many a Stationery Fold!

Have you ever wondered how stationery notes and escort cards at the store achieve such a straight edge, and how you can do the same at home? As a designer for the last five years who started out by printing my own notes at home, I'd like to reveal a secret to the DIY guys and gals - invest in a scoring blade. I recommend the Fiskars 93558097J 45mm Rotary Scoring Blade (just $5 on Amazon!). Carefully remove your every day trimming blade, or keep a separate board for scoring depending on the frequency of your at home card production. The Fiskars scoring blade pops easily into the Fiskars 12 Inch Classic Rotary Paper Trimmer. Line up your paper to the desired fold location and apply light pressure to your cutting motion. To avoid unintended outcomes, stay light handed, as this blade can cut all the way through if you're not careful. For crisp LAURA ANN designs with charm, polish and professionalism produced by the printer savvy DIY home studio customer,  a scoring blade is worth the extra effort. Print, score, cut, fold and send!