Princeton Collection Landmark Wedding Moments!

As the LAURA ANN Princeton University Campus Collection of illustrated invitations and stationery launches today, LAURA ANN founder Laura Elbogen looks back on her own nuptials on the Princeton University campus in June 2012. Laura and Brian wanted to capture through their stationery the beauty of their beloved alma mater, where they had met, become engaged, and were to be married in the campus chapel. Laura had already designed a number of wedding invitation suites for friends, and when it came to her own wedding she couldn't find quite what she was looking for - a fully illustrated stationery suite that would excite their guests and capture the anticipation of the event through the location's beautiful landmarks. Hence, with the Princeton University Chapel Collection, LAURA ANN came to life as it is known today with watercolor landmark art and custom destination invitations. As the collection expands this fall into the full Princeton University Campus Collection, we look back today at the memorable moments of Laura and Brian's wedding, and the corresponding landmark stationery!

The Nassau Hall, Nassau Hall tigers, and FitzRandolph gates landmark illustrations have rounded out the Princeton University Campus Collection, designed for another alumni wedding in 2014. However, they were part of the classic wedding photo opps around the beautiful Princeton campus at Laura and Brian's wedding in 2012.

Anticipate, Inspire, and Deliver

LAURA ANN bespoke illustration and design services began one piece at a time with the wedding stationery needs of my Princeton tennis coach, Kathy Sell for her wedding to Ramsey Smith in his hometown of Hilton Head Island (see the LAURA ANN Hilton Head Collection Bespoke Process).

Kathy's approach to communication through her stationery, which aligns with the artistic vision I share with my clients, is much like how she trained me on the tennis court - anticipate, inspire and deliver. As a tennis coach, she helped the team anticipate the strategies or shots we would need for an upcoming match, inspire us to visualize and take on those skills as our own in practice, then delivery with victory!

With event stationery design, the artist and client collaborate to anticipate the important visual cues of the event that can be foreshadowed through the stationery, whether locations, natural elements, fashion or decor. The client provides any custom images for inspiration. Together we inspire the guests to visualize the mood of the upcoming event, and through the coordinated effort deliver an unforgettable experience of shared love and joy.

Kathy's bridal shower invitation anticipated the beauty of the wedding's seaside town, and this amazing tree branch dress portrait.

Photo by Tracy Turpen

Kathy and Ramsey's illustrated rehearsal dinner invitation with custom nautical art anticipated their party's transportation to dinner by boat on the Spirit of Harbour Town.

Photo by Tracy Turpen

The custom art from Kathy and Ramsey's illustrated Save the Date anticipated the scenic tree and lighthouse backdrop of their wedding day portraits - all the more meaningful and memorable!

Photo by Tracy Turpen

A Romantic Storybook Invitation, with the Luck of the Irish

Monday, March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day! It also happens to be Irish Arts Center Book Day 2014 in New York City.  Books and the Irish will always have a fond place in my heart as I think back warmly to my cousin Alberto's wedding to his sweet bride Betsy on the eve of Saint Patrick's Day last year. It was cold in Minneapolis but spring in spirit with touches of Irish green from the flowers to the shoes and the invitation suite.

LAURA ANN_Storybook Collection_Inspiration

The literature lovers wrote the story of their love into the details of the weekend, starting with a LAURA ANN illustrated bookmark save the date. The couple shared an image of the bench where Alberto proposed, which I illustrated and wove through the stationery suite.

The couple's initials drawn together on an open book became a signature mark throughout the stationery suite. The invitation featured three book pages with romantic quotes and a wedding weekend illustrated map. The reply card designed in the style of a library card reminded guests when their response was "due back."

The wedding day decor carried through the literary theme, from escort cards handed out in card catalog drawers, to hard back books stacked elegantly with the centerpieces. Literary themed table names matched romantic quotes designed for each table by LAURA ANN.

As a final touch, the bride and groom sent thank you notes with a wedding portrait on the same bench where they got engaged, with the bench illustration to match on the inside. Sounds like a storybook romance to me.