Easter Orchid Extravaganza

My husband Brian and I had the pleasure of hosting my aunt and uncle and a few friends for Easter brunch following church last Sunday. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I find great joy in bringing loved ones around the table to share in the holiday celebration. I have fond memories from childhood of spending Easter with extended family at my grandparent's home in Louisville, Kentucky. The South would be in full bloom by then, and when we had grown out of our Easter bonnets and egg hunts, my grandfather would always give the ladies a fresh flower corsage. Thus the fresh bright orchids with matching LAURA ANN Orchid Collection illustrated place cards, along with colorful Easter eggs, brought a touch of home to our NYC table. The plastic eggs in each fruit bowl contained a Cadbury egg for dessert. The jelly beans added a pop of color, and dessert before breakfast if desired! We each drew two jelly bean filled eggs from the glass bowl at the end of brunch to select a lucky winner for the Whitman's chocolate centerpiece. Murphy's Law that our winner was the only non-chocolate eater, but he shared!

LAURA ANN Orchid Collection place cards alongside fresh orchids set the Easter table theme. Easter eggs and jelly beans added an extra pop of color.

Aunt Cathy helped toss the Greek salad using a recipe that we recently made at a Greek cooking class girls night.

Brunch included Greek salad, fruit salad, spinach frittata and raisin walnut bread.

LAURA ANN Orchid Collection place card (set of 18 cards, $20).

A family moment following the feast!