Here Comes the Bride, Orchids in Hand

LAURA ANN's love of spring orchids continues this week with a spotlight on the origin of the Orchid Collection, which was designed for the wedding of Logan Smith and Pete Pollack. As the couple celebrates their three year wedding anniversary in just a few days, LAURA ANN looks back on the collaboration. 

After designing the wedding stationery suite of Logan's brother Ramsey, I was thrilled to hear from Logan when she was looking for a bespoke illustrated wedding program. She asked for orchids in place of the tree branches of Kathy and Ramsey's program, in a beautiful, bold fuscia color. When I sent her the first draft, she requested that the orchids be brighter. I went back to the watercolor and ink painting and added more pigment.

LAURA ANN custom illustration for Logan and Pete's wedding program. 

When I saw photos after her wedding of her bright orchid bouquet, I understood why! She envisioned this spectacular bold color to pop as she walked down the aisle, and how coordinated it was of her to anticipate this detail for her guests in her wedding program before making her entrance down the aisle.

Logan Smith Pollack's bridal bouquet of orchids. Photo by Tracy Turpen.

LAURA ANN orchid wedding program for Logan and Pete. Photo by Tracy Turpen.

The theme even carried into Logan and Pete's welcome bag stickers.

Taking the LAURA ANN mantra of personal touches to the next level, Logan mailed in a drawing by Pete's daughter to incorporate on the back of the program - an adorable, heartwarming touch!

Logan and Pete's trifold orchid wedding program, inside and out.

Logan and Pete's trifold orchid wedding program, inside and out.

Three years later Logan and Pete's LAURA ANN orchid commission has inspired a whole collection of stationery, from the retail thank you notes, Hawaiian "Aloha" and "Mahalo" notes, and place cards, to menus and invitations for the "something borrowed" host. Happy anniversary, Logan and Pete!

Mr. and Mrs. Pollak. Love the touch of orchids in Logan's hair! Photo by Tracy Turpen.

Mr. and Mrs. Pollak. Love the touch of orchids in Logan's hair! Photo by Tracy Turpen.

Easter Orchid Extravaganza

My husband Brian and I had the pleasure of hosting my aunt and uncle and a few friends for Easter brunch following church last Sunday. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I find great joy in bringing loved ones around the table to share in the holiday celebration. I have fond memories from childhood of spending Easter with extended family at my grandparent's home in Louisville, Kentucky. The South would be in full bloom by then, and when we had grown out of our Easter bonnets and egg hunts, my grandfather would always give the ladies a fresh flower corsage. Thus the fresh bright orchids with matching LAURA ANN Orchid Collection illustrated place cards, along with colorful Easter eggs, brought a touch of home to our NYC table. The plastic eggs in each fruit bowl contained a Cadbury egg for dessert. The jelly beans added a pop of color, and dessert before breakfast if desired! We each drew two jelly bean filled eggs from the glass bowl at the end of brunch to select a lucky winner for the Whitman's chocolate centerpiece. Murphy's Law that our winner was the only non-chocolate eater, but he shared!

LAURA ANN Orchid Collection place cards alongside fresh orchids set the Easter table theme. Easter eggs and jelly beans added an extra pop of color.

Aunt Cathy helped toss the Greek salad using a recipe that we recently made at a Greek cooking class girls night.

Brunch included Greek salad, fruit salad, spinach frittata and raisin walnut bread.

LAURA ANN Orchid Collection place card (set of 18 cards, $20).

A family moment following the feast!

Rain, Rain, Go Away...Ice Cream Saves the Day

On a misty winter day in New York City, I was reminded that no matter how cold or dreary, there is one thing that always makes things cream. This playful scene of the nation's favorite ice cream truck was the illustration that sparked my design business, back in 2008, when I needed a condolence card for a design colleague at Brooks Brothers. Can you spot the location? The blue awning in the distance is the Brooks Brothers at W. 65th and Broadway, the store that I had the pleasure of opening as a women's sales associate shortly after arriving to NYC with two suitcases. Over five years later, a bus stop has won out over the ice cream truck at that location. But don't worry, be happy that spring is just a month away bringing ice cream trucks with it!

Design for the Every Day and the Special Days, With Love

Happy Valentine's Day from LAURA ANN! LAURA ANN first opened for design business on a special day - my mother's birthday (September 21, 2009, founded as LATinNYC)! It is only fitting that LAURA ANN's full time relaunch would fall on another love filled holiday. To mark the occasion and share the love, I whipped up a family favorite, coconut meringues, a special recipe passed down from my Great Grandmother Mary. My Aunt Lisa, and sister, Marie, had made them to rave reviews at the holidays, and I decided it was time to debut them in NYC. I called my Grandmother Barbara, who advised to be sure to beat the egg whites until they stood in peaks. Bagged and tied with a LAURA ANN "xoxo" illustrated valentine, they hit the spot! They made for a colorful splash of color and served as a loving edible favor at each place setting at a Valentine's luncheon. For those who couldn't taste them in person, I shared these images as digital Valentines.

Express your love with the art of a personal touch, on the every day and the special days!