Thank You, Thank You

It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to show your gratitude. At LAURA ANN, we believe a hand written note of appreciation in personal correspondence and business goes a long way, and others agree. Guy Trebay in the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times recently penned on the cultural art that the "boring stuff your parents made you do never actually goes out of fashion" ("The Found Art of Thank-You Notes", April 4, 2014). Not only is it proper manners, but he brings up studies linking the old handwritten note to health benefits such as better sleep and stress reduction - who knew! 

Similarly, Regina Lewis reported in USA Today's weekly Money Quick Tips that a handwritten thank you note is helping individuals stand out in today's digital world of over communication ("Handwritten Notes making a comeback", March 22, 2014).

Here at LAURA ANN, where penmanship comes in many calligraphy styles, we believe in the art of personal communication, and helping our clients and customers communicate their own personal style and touch. How sweet is it to pick up a saved note from an old friend or loved one and hear their voice in you mind as know them by their handwriting? For my part, I know that any message written out to Laura Ann is from my parents, the only people who have ever called me by my full name.

It is with gratitude and thanks to friends and family who have supported LAURA ANN from its early days that the LAURA ANN online shop goes live with its first retail product category - Greetings and Thanks. From the bottom of my heart here in NYC, thank you for your interest!

The Manhattan Heart Collection Thank You is available in a set of 8 cards and envelopes ($20).