Princeton Collection Landmark Wedding Moments!

As the LAURA ANN Princeton University Campus Collection of illustrated invitations and stationery launches today, LAURA ANN founder Laura Elbogen looks back on her own nuptials on the Princeton University campus in June 2012. Laura and Brian wanted to capture through their stationery the beauty of their beloved alma mater, where they had met, become engaged, and were to be married in the campus chapel. Laura had already designed a number of wedding invitation suites for friends, and when it came to her own wedding she couldn't find quite what she was looking for - a fully illustrated stationery suite that would excite their guests and capture the anticipation of the event through the location's beautiful landmarks. Hence, with the Princeton University Chapel Collection, LAURA ANN came to life as it is known today with watercolor landmark art and custom destination invitations. As the collection expands this fall into the full Princeton University Campus Collection, we look back today at the memorable moments of Laura and Brian's wedding, and the corresponding landmark stationery!

The Nassau Hall, Nassau Hall tigers, and FitzRandolph gates landmark illustrations have rounded out the Princeton University Campus Collection, designed for another alumni wedding in 2014. However, they were part of the classic wedding photo opps around the beautiful Princeton campus at Laura and Brian's wedding in 2012.